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Framework for Assessing Family Engagement

To produce a report that will identify key criteria affecting systems-level family engagement and provide a framework and plan for developing a measure of family engagement in health care systems.

Family Voices
Primary Contact: Nora Wells

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Young Investigators Tackle System Change for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Eleven young researchers have completed projects and published journal articles on ways to improve the health care system for children with special needs. Their work covers a range of issues, including children’s transition from the hospital care to primary care; education of pediatric residents; transition of care from adolescence to adulthood; and use of group visits to increase efficiency.

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The Foundation generally invites specific applications for proposals. However, unsolicited proposals for projects that contribute to achieving the program’s goals are welcome. Proposals initiated by applicants should be presented to the Foundation as a letter of inquiry. We strongly recommend that applicants carefully review our program and goals before submitting a letter of inquiry.

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