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Collecting Data from Preteens

If you work with preteens – whether in community, school, health care, or other settings – you probably have needed to ask them questions about their feelings, behaviors, health habits, or other issues at some point. But what's the best way to get good information from this age group? The Preteen Alliance set out to answer that question by commissioning Education Training Research (ETR) to review eight common methods used to collect data from children ages 9 to 13, including surveys (computer-based, PDAs, paper and pencil), diaries, interviews (phone, in person, focus groups), and observational methods. The full report, including briefs on each data collection method and a synopsis of existing local surveys, is available below.

Full Report: Collecting Data from Children Ages 9-13
(October 2007, 55 pages)

Data Collection Method Summary Table

Data Collection Method Briefs

Analysis of Existing Bay Area and California Surveys


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