The California Advocacy Network for Children with Special Health Care Needs engages individuals and organizations in promoting a system of care that works for children with special health care needs and their families.

Not ready to join the Network? You still can stay up to date on policy, research, and events through the Network’s Newsletter.

What is the Network?

The Network brings together people from across California and the nation who have a stake in the future of children with special health care needs. Members include families, young adults with special health care needs, health providers, advocates, educational institutions, government representatives, and other organizations that serve children and families. To improve the system of care for children with a broad range of special health care needs, all voices must be represented.

Who Belongs to the Network?

Currently more than 1,700 parents, caregivers, providers, insurers, disease-specific advocacy organizations, educators, researchers, and public and private agencies.

What Does the Network Do?

The Network’s objective is to bring attention to the common issues faced by all children with special health care needs and their families, and to assist in developing better systems to address these issues.

Through a bi-weekly newsletter, the Network keeps stakeholders informed about policy matters. The newsletter also highlights research, resources, grants and events that are relevant to children with special health care needs.

The Network is sponsored by the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health. Through a survey of Network members, the Foundation developed a grantmaking action agenda that focuses on system improvements in five key areas.

  • Care coordination by identifying and supporting multi-agency collaboration through a single care coordination system
  • Family-centered care by supporting family leaders to become advocates participating in all levels of clinical care and health policy advocacy
  • Family self-management by supporting families to become highly functioning over the long term while caring for a child with complex health care needs
  • The financing of care for children with high health care utilization and expenditures
  • Guaranteed access to appropriate pediatric specialty care and transition to adult care
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