A Conversation on the Effect of Payment Models in Children’s Health Care

Proposed changes in health care payment, from fee-for-service to alternative, risk-sharing payment models, can have a substantial impact on health services for children, especially those with complex care needs. In addition, tying payment to value can increase use of ambulatory and preventive services and encourage creative outreach. However, abrupt changes can interrupt continuity and reduce access to care. 

During this webinar, the panel discussed the article, Evolving Federal and State Health Care Policy: Toward a More Integrated and Comprehensive Care-Delivery System for Children with Medical Complexity

This was the eighth and final webinar in a series of conversations that we had throughout 2018, with authors of the PEDIATRICS Supplement: Building Systems that Work for Children with Complex Health Care Needs.

View the webinar recording:

View the presentation slides: 

Download a PDF of the presentation slides.

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