Systems and Standards

Equitable Funding for Children with Developmental Disabilities: Phase 2


Public Counsel

Primary Contact

Joshua Hirsch

Grant Amount

$40,000 for 12 months

Date Awarded

February 2018

Date Completed

July 2019


Building on a previous grant, researchers will gather and analyze recently published data on Regional Center funding and service distribution by race, ethnicity, and language, and produce a 2018 report. The report also will assess the extent to which the Department of Developmental Services is adhering to new regulations related to reporting on provision of services and providing information to families and clients in a culturally appropriate manner. The report will be disseminated widely to inspire necessary action. 


A previous grant by the Foundation documented substantial ethnic and racial disparities in access to services for children and youth with developmental disabilities. Products of that project were shared with the Department of Developmental Disabilities and the State legislature with the hope of actions to reduce those disparities. Legislation was enacted requiring greater transparency of data on services authorized and provided by the twenty-one regional centers. This project analyzed regional center data collected after that legislation to assess compliance with its requirements and reductions in disparities. The researchers found increased availability of data but no significant progress toward reducing disparities in either funding of regional centers or in access to services by children of color.

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