Systems and Standards

Hidden in Plain Sight: California Children in Long-Term Care


Learning Partnerships

Primary Contact

Ruth Brousseau

Grant Amount

$70,000 for 12 months

Date Awarded

November 2013


To describe the existing long-term care services used by children in California and offer recommendations for policymakers, service providers and advocates about how to improve the accessibility and quality of long-term care services for children.


Hidden in Plain Sight: California Children Using Long-Term Care Services describes the fragmented conglomerate of long-term care programs available to the children and youth in California who depend upon them. It highlights the strengths and limitations of public and private health, educational and child care, family support and transportation programs operating in the state, and examines institutional care, access to durable medical equipment, community-based residential care facilities, and care coordination and care management capacities. The report finds that accurate data on the children served and on the availability and quality of various service components is unavailable. Recommendations for improving individual programs and for increasing their coordination are included.

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