Integration and Coordination of Children’s Health Programs

To present a model of a health care system that integrates many of the existing coverage programs.

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California has at least 10 public programs for children’s health, each with its own eligibility, scope of benefits, provider network, and payment policies. This fragmentation requires that families spend a great deal of time determining which program fits their needs and eligibility. The Insure the Uninsured Project (ITUP) assessed the current state of children’s health programs and identified opportunities to consolidate some of them. These opportunities were discussed by a work group of stakeholders, and a final report was produced and released at ITUPs 2014 annual meeting where it served as the basis for a panel discussion. The report and specific recommendations can be found on this site or on the ITUP site.

Grant Amount


Date Awarded

June 2013


6 months


Policy and Policy Advocacy, Systems, Models & Best Practices


Insure the Uninsured Project

Principal Investigator

David Yun, MPH