Orange County Care Coordination Collaborative for Kids (OCC3 for Kids)

With the benefit of medical advances, Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) are living longer and making the transition from childhood into adulthood. This includes a transition from receiving medical care from pediatric primary and specialty care providers to receiving care from adult providers. However, Orange County has a shortage of adult primary and specialty care providers who are trained and/or comfortable serving CSHCN. Further, there is a great need for planning, connection, and networking between pediatric providers serving CSHCN, and the adult providers who may “receive” these transitioning CSHCN. OCC3 for Kids will begin to address the issue of transition of care by generating awareness of the problem, increasing communication among providers (pediatric and adult), educating providers about best practices, developing a provider toolkit, and providing training.

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Rebecca Hernandez

As manager of Help Me Grow Orange County, Rebecca Hernandez has for years helped connect families to health professionals and support services when they have concerns about their children’s health and development.

Grant Amount


Date Awarded

September 2018


12 months


Care Coordination & Medical Home, Coverage, Benefits & Access


Help Me Grow Orange County

Primary Contact

Rebecca Hernandez, MSEd