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Equitable Funding for Children with Developmental Disabilities: Phase 3

Building on previous progress in documenting and beginning to address ethnic and racial funding inequities among California’s Regional Centers for Developmental Disabilities, Public Counsel will use this third phase of funding to promote more equitable access to services by analyzing data on the allocation of funds and services; raising public awareness about clients’ rights; and working with legislators on legislation to hold Regional Centers accountable for reducing disparities in access to services.  

Public Counsel
Principal Investigator: Brian Capra

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Nurses Taking Lead Role in Improving Pediatric Hospital Discharge


California Nurse-Led Hospital Discharge Learning Collaborative

When it comes to quality improvement efforts in health care, nurses traditionally have been “brought along for the ride.” A new project aims to put nurses in the driver’s seat. An eight-hospital coalition brings together a multidisciplinary team at each hospital to create and test innovative discharge planning initiatives. Each team is led by a nurse, with the goal of establishing nurses as leaders with the confidence to generate change.

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The Foundation generally invites specific applications for proposals. However, unsolicited proposals for projects that contribute to achieving the program’s goals are welcome. Proposals initiated by applicants should be presented to the Foundation as a letter of inquiry. We strongly recommend that applicants carefully review our program and goals before submitting a letter of inquiry.

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