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Legislative Analysis of Family Engagement in California Organizations

State policy decisions about children’s health and well-being are made far too often without drawing on the experience and expertise of parents, caregivers, and youth themselves. This project is a continuation of a past Foundation grant to Children Now under which the California Research Bureau collected data on family engagement policies within state agencies serving children. The goal of this grant is to produce an official, government-sanctioned baseline report on all opportunities for families to engage in state policymaking conversations.

Children Now
Primary Contact: Kelly Hardy

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The Family Voices Family Engagement in Systems Assessment Tools

Family participation is essential for creating the policies and programs that shape the services children and families receive. Family Voices has created the Family Engagement in Systems Assessment Tool (FESAT) and Family Engagement in Systems (FES) Toolkit. Organizations can use these family-created tools to assess how well they engage families; improve family engagement over time; and guide the design of systems-level activities to ensure family engagement.

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The Foundation generally invites specific applications for proposals. However, unsolicited proposals for projects that contribute to achieving the program’s goals are welcome. Proposals initiated by applicants should be presented to the Foundation as a letter of inquiry. We strongly recommend that applicants carefully review our program and goals before submitting a letter of inquiry.

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