The ‘Hidden Health Care System’ in California Schools and Children with Special Health Care Needs

Health services for California students with special health care needs vary greatly by school district, are provided by a variety of school staff, operate under a confusing patchwork of regulations, and are often underfunded, according to a new study. Researchers from California State University-Sacramento’s School of Nursing analyzed 2011-2012 state education data, interviewed school education experts, and conducted a large-scale survey of certified school nurses who are members of the California School Nurses Association.

The study’s authors recommend several statewide policies and local practices that could help improve the hidden health care system in California schools, not just for children with special health care needs, but for all students.

Read more about the study in this blog post.

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Dian Baker, Linda Davis-Alldritt and Kathleen Hebbeler

Published Date

March 26, 2014




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