Aligning Services with Needs: Characterizing the Pyramid of Complexity Tiering for Children with Chronic and Complex Conditions

As health care and financing systems become more sophisticated, health care systems are increasingly using a process known as "risk tiering" to group patients with similar degrees of need for health care and care coordination services. Payers are becoming part of this conversation, which for children is in its very early stages. Families and care providers of children with chronic and complex conditions should understand the risk tiering process, as it may affect access to services these children need. 

This new report from a group of national experts describes current tiering practices and uses, and makes recommendations for policy and research, particularly as the process relates to children with special health care needs.


Access the recording and slides and follow-up questions and answers from a webinar with three of the report authors.

Cover of Aligning Services with Needs Report



Christopher J. Stille, Richard C. Antonelli, Karen Spencer, Eileen Forlenza, Rebekah Marsh, Debjani Mukherjee, Margaret Tomcho, Jeff Schiff, Nora Wells, and James M. Perrin

Published Date

February 7, 2018




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