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May 12, 2015

Children's Health Programs in California: Promoting a Lifetime of Health and Well-Being

By: Kristin Schumacher, with assistance from Scott Graves and Miranda Everitt, California Budget and Policy Center

A lifetime of good health begins in childhood. A comprehensive and coordinated health care system that helps keep California's children and families well can improve health throughout children's lives, reduce the cost of care for families as well as for the state, and help build a skilled and productive workforce. In short, there is a vital link between healthy children and a healthy California. This new report from the California Budget and Policy Center assesses the state's current health care system for children and families, including both public health care coverage and public health programs. The report identifies key issues that must be addressed, including child poverty, health care coverage, access to care, quality care for children with special health care needs, and adequate investment in public health.