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February 28, 2019

Identifying and Serving Children with Health Complexity: Spotlight of Efforts to Develop and Pilot the Kaiser Permanente Northwest Pediatric Care Together Program

By: Colleen Reuland, MS; Lydia Chiang, MD, David Ross, MPH; Joyce Liu, MD; Kim Luft, MD; Kannon Elizabeth, LCSW, LICSW; Stephanie Vazquez BS; Charlene Weaving, RN, MSN; Vicki Wolff, LCSW, LASW

Children with Medical Complexity (CMC) face not only medical issues but also social factors that can affect their health and health care. The Oregon Pediatric Improvement Partnership, a statewide organization focused on improving the health of children and youth in Oregon, has provided consultation and support to Kaiser Permanente Northwest in its effort to build, pilot and evaluate a complex health management program focused on children with medical complexity. The program uses health complexity data to identify patients who may benefit from supplemental supports not generally provided, and also identifies the right team members to provide these supports.

Related Webinar: Speakers share their approach to using system and practice-level data to better identify appropriate care coordination and health management supports for children. The discussion also features how this approach was implemented in Kaiser Permanente Northwest through the Pediatric Care TogetherTM complex health management program.