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    Next Steps Toward Care Coordination

    A recent survey indicates that California’s fragmented system of care is the main barrier to effective care coordination.

  • Insights

    Q&A with Dr. Anand Chabra

    In San Mateo County, Dr. Anand Chabra helps ensure that children with special health care needs get the comprehensive services they need.

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    Profile: Devon Dabbs

    As co-founder of the Children’s Hospice and Palliative Care Coalition in Watsonville, Devon Dabbs works to improve pediatric palliative care services in California.

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    Grantee Profile: Karen Wayman

    “There are no difficult families. There are only families in extremely challenging situations.” Learn more about grantee Karen Wayman’s work.

  • Journal Articles

    What Pediatricians Can Learn from Retail-Based Clinics

    Traditional pediatric practices must change to compete with convenient new retail clinics at Walmart and other non-traditional locations, argues Dr. Edward Schor in a new editorial in JAMA Pediatrics.

  • Issue Briefs

    Teaching Families to Fish: How to Support Families as Care Coordinators

    What would care coordination look like if families received support and training for their role as principal care coordinators for their child with special health care needs? A new issue brief from the Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health proposes a series of attributes that would characterize true family-centered care coordination. 

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    Profile: Kathryn Smith, RN, DrPH

    Kathryn Smith, RN, DrPH, is a nurse care manager in the Boone Fetter Clinic at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, helping families of children with autism navigate the complex system of care.

  • Issue Briefs

    Private Coverage Under California’s Affordable Care Act: How Will Children with Special Health Care Needs Fare?

    High-end “platinum” coverage or basic catastrophic? In just a few months, many families of children with special health care needs must choose their level of health care coverage for 2014 under the Covered California Health Benefit Exchange. To make informed decisions, families will need to understand the benefits and markedly different cost-sharing requirements of the various products to be offered under the exchange plan. In this issue brief, Peggy McManus and Harriette Fox, of The National Alliance to Advance Adolescent Health, assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed plan, and notes issues of particular concern for families of children with some special health care needs.


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